Project duration: 36 months, from 1 June 2019 to 31 Maj 2022

The project aims to test and use 5G technologies to provide useful, efficient and reliable services to citizens and tourists. In particular, 13 case studies will be developed and tested in 3 different cities and in 3 different fields: Rennes, France, where the field of study and application will be health and hospital; Athens, where applications in the field of "mobility" will be tested; Turin, where the chosen field is tourism and culture. The services tested will be adapted to the needs of each individual case study. The ambition is to test 5G technologies of a pre-commercial nature in different areas and on a large scale, to demonstrate the full capacity of the 5G network to support and respond to different needs through the same infrastructure. At the end of the testing, the evaluation of each use-case will cover several levels, from technical performance, to economic impact, to user satisfaction, in order to analyze the effectiveness and feasibility and to ensure its replicability.

The specific investment planned by the City of Torino concerns the tourist-cultural field and is aimed at testing the following applications in the field: 

  • Indoor Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) systems combined with robotics for use in schools and museums. The initiative as a whole will be tested in several museums in the city (Palazzo Madama and GAM) and another location to be identified
  • Innovative teaching solutions enabled by VR/AR technologies, gamification systems and robotics for students within Edulab.
  • IOT solutions to be tested "indoors" and "outdoors" in the Palazzo Madama area, in order to: improve the safety of citizens and tourists in tourist areas and sites of the City; monitor and provide citizens and tourists with targeted information on the indoor (comfort) and outdoor (environment) conditions of the places visited; facilitate accessibility to these sites and museum experiences for all, with a focus on people with reduced mobility.
  • Robotics solutions for surveillance in museums and unattended cultural sites, to be associated with human remote control devices and prompt response systems in case of need.
  • Production of high-definition content and distribution (activities conducted by RAI).

/ Website:  http://5gtours.eu 

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Partner: Ericsson Telecomunicazioni Italia (lead partner), Città di Torino: Samsung Electronics Limited (UK), Telecom SPA (IT), Orange SA (FR), Hellenic Telecommunications (GR), Nokia Bell Labs France (FR), Nokia Liseis Kaidiktia Ellas Anonimi (GR), Philips Electronics Nederland B.v (Olanda), Philips France Commercial (FR), Rairadiotelevision e Italiana Spa (FR), Athens International Airport S.a.(GR), Comune di Torino (IT), Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (FR), Ellinogermanik i Agogi Scholi Panagea (GR), Kentro Meleton Asfaleias (GR), Atos Spain SA (SP), Wings Ict Solutions Information & Communication Technologies Ike (GR), Expway (FR), Real Wireless Limited (UK), AMA Research and Development (FR), Sequans Communications SA (FR), LiveU Ltd. (IL), Acta Ltd (GR), B-COM (FR), Universidad Carlos Iii De Madrid (SP), Universitat Politecnica De Valencia (SP), Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IT).