Project by A.L.B.A. Robot

A.L.B.A. (Advanced Light Body Assistant) supports the mobility of people with disability, increasing their independence thank to the most updated technologies coming from automotive and robotic industries. Alba is a low cost Wheelchair conversion KIT, able to transform almost any traditional wheelchair in ADAS and Electrical wheelchair.

The possible uses of A.L.B.A. are:

  • movement and monitoring of people in public/private facilities (hospitals, airports, museums...)
  • tracking and maintenance of wheelchairs in public/private facilities
  • definition of guided paths for rehabilitation and training

From October 2021, Torino City Lab has started a new experimentation with A.L.B.A Robot that follows the one in place at the GAM of Turin, this time the location of the technological testing is the Turin Caselle Airport. Official partner of the experimentation Sagat S.p.A.

The testing involves the use of one or two A.L.B.A. Robot devices inside the airport, first without a passenger on board and then with a passenger.

The experimentation will be divided into 3 macro-phases:

  • PHASE 1. Codesign - A.L.B.A. Robot and SAGAT Aeroporto di Torino will define the use cases of interest in the airport environment.
  • PHASE 2. Validation and optimization of the system - Field testing of the A.L.B.A Robot device initially without a passenger or with a member of the A.L.B.A. Robot team to evaluate the reliability of the system in the identified use cases.
  • PHASE 3 - Operational Experimentation - Field experimentation of the device to transport disabled airport users.


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