Beautiful Precious Plastic

Project by IZMADE


Experimental duration 6 months

The experimentation aims to bring plastic recycling to a local scale, through the use of Open Source machines capable of shredding and thermoforming it. These machines will be used by Izmade for the development of new furniture products and made available to all users/citizens at the Izlab Maker Space workshop.

The project is based on the knowledge, tools and machines developed and continuously improved by the international community of Precious Plastic, through which it will be possible to recycle objects made of thermoplastic polymers and transform them into new products, thus giving plastics a new life cycle.

The entire production system is self-made and consists of four machines with different functions. One machine shreds the plastic transforming it into granules, the other three melt the shredded material and then be extruded into filaments in the case of the extruder or, in the case of the injector and the press, the molten material is injected or compressed into moulds.

"Beautiful Precious Plastic" has as its experimental territory Barriera di Milano. Two houses in the district will be involved in the collection of used plastic: the Bagni pubblici in Via Agliè and Via Baltea / Laboratori di Barriera.

There will also be a partnership with Plartwo, the Centre for Art, Innovation and Research dedicated to the design and culture of plastic, which will allow the exhibition of products and the organization of laboratories on plastic recycling.

One of the objectives of the project is to make plastic waste "precious", but at the same time to give it a pleasant and attractive aesthetic, making it real design objects, without ever neglecting its usefulness and functionality.

Citizens and local actors will be involved in the experimentation, with the sharing of machines and work space, training opportunities and the possibility to create new product lines.

All work will be supported and disseminated by Open Incet.

Look at the video presentation about this project