The Club degli Investitori (Investors Club) was founded in Turin on the initiative of Giancarlo Rocchietti, still President today, with the aim of aggregating resources and skills to make them available for new and innovative business initiatives, accompanying them in their growth.

Today, the Club is an association of 170 members whose mission is to help create innovation in Italy through its investments. It is aimed at the best and most innovative Italian entrepreneurs, wherever they are in the world.


Entrepreneurs who invest in new entrepreneurs

The Club offers to its investee companies, the skills of its member-entrepreneurs, guaranteeing a capacity for targeted investments and generating value through:
- Mentorship / entrepreneurial competence
- Economic resources: patient capital
- Networking: relationships
- Management / coaching on business management processes. Each investment is assigned a Champion, a person chosen among the highly experienced members

In the last 5 years (2015-2019) the members of the Club have invested 17.5 million €.

Davide Cecchini - Business Development Manager
Mobile: +39 348 5387367