DEPS - Disabled Easy Park System

Project by IOT Solution S.r.l.

The DEPS - Disabled Easy Park System project aims to improve the viability and usability of the stalls reserved for the disabled, making them smart through the use of special sensors produced by Nablaquadro and using the LoRaWan protocol to receive communications.

Thanks to the use of a specially developed app the individual user will be able to know the location on the territory of the car parks reserved for him, to monitor in real time the state of actual occupation of the parking lot and to ensure that it is not unduly occupied. The staff in charge of control will be able to check the state of occupation of the reserved car parks and to intervene promptly in case of undue occupation.

DEPS aims to support the experimentation of 5T, which is developing a smart parking information service for disabled stalls in hospitals, in order to create an open protocol among the various technologies emerging in the sector.

The experimentation will take place on 10 stalls, 9 of which are public and one personal, previously agreed upon according to technical needs.

The project is supported by CPD Consulta per le persone in difficoltàUICI - Unione Italiana Ciechi e Ipovedenti aps onlus sezione territoriale di TorinoLions Club and CNA.

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