Lab for learning solutions.

Following the approval of DGC n. 01591/007 of 07/05/2019, the EDU.LAB – Education Living Lab – has been activated in the Torino City Lab context.

EDU.LAB will be managed by the Turin institution ITER (Turin institution for responsible education), in collaboration with the Education Services Division and the Innovation Service and European Funding of the City of Turin. The goal is the creation of a new educational site that ITER is preparing in the school situated in Via Bardonecchia 34. This project aims to develop the pilot project “Educational Living Lab”, an innovation laboratory inserted in the European project LEA “Learning Technologies Accelerator ( ), in which the City of Turin has proposed to develop a dedicated space for the innovation in the education field where to test solutions for didactics and the creation of new generation learning environments. The site will be furnished with adequate tools to host the innovative experimentations in the education field, both in the methodology and in the technology, in order to grant comfort, usability, awareness and an active role of the users.

Lab TO

EDU-LAB will be a space open to confrontation with other schools interested in experimenting in first person the didactic experiences brought in an innovative environment, animated by experts and with the central role of professors and students.

Following a living lab logic, the different experiences will help improving the proposed methodologies and innovations, thanks to the direct involvement of the users. At the same time, professors, researchers and firms will be able to experiment the innovations as well, monitoring and evaluating the results.

The goals of the EDU-LAB are to:

  • Help developing the innovation market in the education sector.
  • Testing technologies that help innovate teaching methods, focusing on an inclusive approach, that can take into account the needs of every student, boost teamwork and problem solving.
  • Incentivize the application of IoT solutions in order to promote services, but also data driven education connected to the territory and the local residents.
  • Promote the renewal of the school infrastructures by rethinking the spaces, in a way that is functional to the development of new learning methodologies.
  • Boost professors’ competencies in order to sustain a more effective development of the new technologies.
  • Create an open network for all the school which are interested, in order to participate to dedicated workshops on the new technologies and competence sharing.
  • Experimenting forms of connection between education systems with museums, theaters and technological areas.
  • Boost the number of relations between school and territory following a logic of school as a civic centre.

Apart from the school in Via Bardonecchia, some testing will be allowed in other schools upon evaluation by the City. It will be possible to see the dedicated areas during a specifically organized open day.

Download the layout plans