Innovative Entertainment

Innovative Entertainment Laboratory -Teatro Regio.

The Teatro Regio opens its doors to the innovation, giving his prestigious building in Piazza Castello for innovation in the theatre sector and opening its scenography laboratories to new experimentations.

The partnership between Teatro Regio and Torino City Lab starts with the desire to bring innovation in the theatre world. The aim is to attract, promote and sustain the testing of different technologies linked to the theatre, with the goal of creating new models of cultural fruition and diffusion. Through the elaboration of new formats, The offer digitalization and the use of new technologies, the peculiar contents of the opera tradition will be widespread and made accessible to a greater number of users, going out the traditional spaces.

The Teatro Regio is dedicated to lyric and opera, and it’s one of the most important theatres both in Italy and Europe.

Built in 1740, it was destroyed by a fire in 1936 and rebuilt in 1973; the front of the building has survived from the original construction, and it is part of the UNESCO list of the Sabaude Residencies, included in the Humane Heritage in 1997. After the partnership with the City the Teatro Regio has consented to open both the theater and its scenography laboratory as hub for Torino City Lab research activities, testing and innovation regarding edutainment projects that will attract start ups and innovative firms into the territory.

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The testing in the theatre context can be articulated on different topics, such as:

  • Multimedia: new technologies of video mapping, virtual reality and augmented reality.
  • Accessibility: Technologies that make theatre available for people with disability (deaf, blind..)
  • Artistic: Innovative solutions for the diffusion of the theatre culture outside the traditional spaces and the direct involvement of the audience through last generation devices.