Autonomous Car Testing

Turin is a candidate to become the first city in Italy to experiment autonomous driving in an urban context.

Thanks to its technological infrastructures, the City today satisfies all the 12 technical parameters indicated in the "Smart Road" decree, among which, very important, the presence of optical fiber and traffic detection systems, sensors at traffic lights, spire under the asphalt that ensure the detection of the passages of the cars, and then to have a real-time picture of traffic, smart cameras at intersections.

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An urban circuit of 35 kilometers where you can test innovative solutions for autonomous and connected driving and sustainable mobility.

Smart road aims to facilitate the development of innovation in the field of mobility and transport by allowing the testing of autonomous and connected vehicles authorized by MIT on some of the city's main arteries and reference structures.

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Re-launching the vocation of the automotive sector, enhancing existing know-how and attracting new skills.

Encourage dialogue between the various stakeholders interested in innovation in the field of mobility and transport, with particular regard to the aspects concerning "shared mobility". To reach this goal, already 14 partners have signed with the City of Turin an agreement with the common goal of promoting a new mobility service in a shared, assisted, safe and ecological view integrating public mobility and decrease the time each individual citizen dedicates to driving.

MIT (Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport) is the Italian government department, which has jurisdiction over national infrastructural networks (road, highway, railways, port and airport) serving transport and land, sea and air transport. It also expresses the general transport and logistics plan including urban mobility plans.

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In order to start an autonomous driving test, it is necessary to be authorized by the MIT. More information can be found on the MIT website.

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