La città dei dati a misura di studente

Project by COLOUREE S.r.l.

The project intends to develop an innovative web platform for the analysis of urban spaces for the specific needs of students, able to communicate with the tools and anonymous datasets of the City for the Governance of services and urban security.
To this end, interactive web maps will be created, created through Colouree algorithms and the interoperability of georeferenced big data, able to make available to the community of students, in particular university students (both residents and from other cities), the characteristics of any place in the city considering the needs and lifestyles of student user. These needs can be described starting from the choice of parameters such as travel times, presence and concentration of points of interest, accessibility and proximity of certain services, etc..
The purpose of the platform is twofold: on one hand, to promote the innovative use of the City's data, to increase its attractiveness and allow students-users a thorough knowledge of the context of places, areas, buildings (for example, for an easier search of the preferred housing area or for monitoring the interest in specific areas of the city); on the other hand, to give back to the City a vision of their needs, thus being able to structure targeted actions to improve services and security.
Application area: Once implemented, the analyses and services of the platform will ensure coverage of the entire urban territory.