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The ranking of the subjects admitted to contribution has been published. The applicants of the selected proposals will be contacted shortly for the stipulation of the Agreement with the Administration and to begin the process of accompaniment with the managing body, scheduled for the beginning of November.


Within the framework of the Living Lab on collaborative and circular economy, the City of Torino intends to seize the potential underlying these issues, promoting experiments oriented to co-development, testing and experimentation of new systems, tools, services - also enabled by solutions and/or technological platforms - that respond to the social challenges and quality of life in the target areas and that are able to promote the enhancement of social exchanges, the reuse of goods and resources and sustainable forms of consumption and organization of proximity services on a neighbourhood scale. All this is part of a logic that is useful for assessing potential access and sustainability on the market, verifying and testing - under real conditions - its response to the proposed initiative.

The experimentation proposals, with a maximum duration of 9 months, will be able to insist on the target areas identified by the Project "AxTO - Actions for the outskirts of Turin".

They will have to be rooted in the territorial reality of the quarter/circumscription for which they are proposed, as well as being characterized, among other things, by the level of innovation and excellence of the systems, services, solutions, tools proposed, for the positive effects that can generate on the territory and on citizens-users, for the potential in terms of replicability and diffusion on a large scale.

The City will be supported by a "Managing Authority" - in the selection phase - which will ensure activities of territorial animation and involvement of citizens, project management, local and supra-local communication. The ultimate objective is to encourage the creation of "Territorial Hubs" of competence, able to feed and strengthen economic development in a sector with high potential and social impact.

All the proposals admitted to the testing will receive a grant up to a maximum of 15,000 euros, equal to 50% of the total eligible investment to cover the costs of experimentation.

The project is financed under the AxTO Project “Azioni per le periferie torinesi” - sub-Action "Living Lab".