On Friday 25th October Incet hosted a meeting to deepen the results and future objectives of Torino City Lab one year after its launch.

During the morning was presented the new category of partners "Venture Capitals/Accelerators", with the aim of creating channels of access to credit for experimental companies. The event was also the framework for the launch of two calls promoted by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Italian Space Agency (ASI), for the development and implementation of innovative solutions and services of space applications and services in the context of 5G aimed at companies that want to experiment on the theme of Cultural Heritage or within the Law enforcement and emergency response.

All the partners involved and the proposing companies consolidated the basis of their forms of collaboration, discussing the future of Torino City Lab and the 2020 strategic vision, identifying development themes and ways to make the initiative a brand of innovation on a national and international scale and, at the same time, a territorial platform, examining new challenges to focus on in the near future such as 5G, artificial intelligence and robotics and the technological/services areas to be implemented including collaborative urban services, autonomous and connected mobility and aerospace.

Some video on the event are available on TCL You Tube channel.