From "Lab" to "Love". One word changes in the name and "Torino City Lab", the project that makes Turin an urban laboratory of innovation, also becomes a tool to help the city community to deal with the hardships and difficulties of the moment.

With this aim "Torino City Love" was born, an initiative of digital solidarity and innovation - presented on Friday, March 13 in a virtual press conference by the Mayor Chiara Appendino and the Councillor Marco Pironti - which calls together the technological partners of the City of Turin to offer resources, actions and skills to support citizens and businesses in the city’s area during the health emergency.

"The reason why it was decided to give life to "Torino City Love" - explained the first citizen and the person in charge of municipal policies for innovation and smart city - is to leverage innovation, technology and services of the partners of Torino City Lab to aggregate and make available free resources in some specific areas of the city where there are strong critical issues".

The areas of "Torino City Love" concern school and work, health, digital services and training and will be able to count on resources and services made available free of charge by large companies such as TIM, CISCO and MICROSOFT.

Detailed information on the services available, how to use them and what to do to join the "Torino City Love" initiative can be found from of our website: