Yesterday was presented the Skypersonic Torino project, with the experimentation of special drones called Skycopter made by Skypersonic, an American company based in Detroit.

The initiative focuses on the use of these drones in indoor BVLOS mode, i.e. for inspection and sanitation missions in closed spaces, both public and private, whose control will be carried out directly from the central office of the Turin Municipal Police Station with the support of Skypersonic's control centre in Detroit.

The City of Turin, through a already operates Drone Unit located in the spaces of the Municipal Police Headquarters, through drones and air sensors and territory monitoring programs, to support preventive measures to contain the COVID-19 emergency. In this context, within the solidarity initiative of innovation Torino City Love has started a dialogue with Skypersonic that has made available skills, technology and services.

The American company - founded by an Italian engineer - manufacturer of special drones used in risky or emergency operations such as nuclear inspections or public safety deployments, in this period of emergency COVID-19, given the impossibility of sending its experts to various countries, has designed, developed and built a remote piloting platform to direct the flight of its Skycopter drones from anywhere in the world.

The system has been adopted for the first time ever by the Drone Unit of the City of Turin to be used in the inspection, monitoring and sanitation of indoor locations. These drones are unique because they also fly inside confined spaces such as plant pipelines, sewers, chimneys and contaminated areas in general. To operate in such dangerous scenarios, the team of engineers, some of whom are Italian, has patented unique technologies for locating drones in the absence of GPS and for transmitting video and control signals even over long distances.

Skypersonic will provide, free of charge, to the City of Turin some Skycopter operating units to carry out automatic inspections and sanitation. The training phase for the use of Skypersonic systems has already started a few weeks ago and has been carried out remotely. The officers of the Municipal Police of Turin, although they have never seen or touched this particular drone, thanks to the use of a simulator they are already able to pilot it perfectly.

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