The project “Too(l)smart - Tools for the informed and inclusive management of urban policies for Smart Cities”, a project for the implementation and evolution of Good Practice #Smartme, is coming to an end.

The reusing bodies (Torino, Lecce, Padova, Siracusa) have completed or are finalizing the installations that will lead to the creation of the first Italian network of participatory environmental monitoring, in which citizens and training bodies (schools, associations, etc.) are invited to contribute to the formation of the environmental knowledge framework through communication and data sharing, becoming a new and valuable source of information and knowledge.

This network is enabled by IoT devices and technologies based on Open Source hardware and software: the Platform created within the project to collect, collect and make available the data from the weather stations integrated in the architecture of Too(l)Smart according to the logic of the widespread and participated civic monitoring, in fact, is based precisely on a non-proprietary logic.

To spread knowledge about the project and the good practice behind it and with a view to to promote its replicability, the partners decided to make available an Accompaniment to Reuse Plan sharing the experience and knowledge gained during the months of the project. A series of dedicated webinars have been prepared on different areas: from the implementation of the Good Practice in the various territories involved, to environmental monitoring, to a technical in-depth study of middleware and enabling technological aspects. The webinars can be viewed on the Turin City Lab YouTube channel (Toolsmart playlist).

Further in-depth material can be found on the project page, cconstantly updated.

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