On 22nd and 23rd of May in Turin it will be possible to experience the results of the European project 5G MoNArch through a virtual reality experience at Palazzo Madama. The Testbed will be available to the public during opening hours (8/18) in the porch in front of the bookshop, in a space accessible also to those who will not visit the Museum. 

On May 24th from 10.30 am to 2.30 pm the Consorzio 5G-MoNArch will present the project with a workshop in collaboration with the City of Turin and the Fondazione Torino Musei. The event will offer an overview of the different opportunities offered by the 5G networks both for operators in the sector and for projects related to smart cities and the fruition of cultural heritage. Participants will then be able to experience the results of the research through a live virtual reality experience in Madama Reale's room: using an Oculus Rift viewer, it will be possible to interact through an internal 5G connection with a tour guide (remotely), who will accompany the user in a virtual tour of the environment and involve him/her in a restoration tutorial. 

To attend the workshop it's necessary to registration on this page until the 17th of May.

The objective of the Testbed "Touristic City" is to demonstrate the benefits of the 5G functions developed by 5G-MoNArch to provide users with an immersive and interactive experience. 

The 5G-MoNArch project sees the participation of 14 partners from 6 European countries (Germany, Spain, Greece, Italy, France and UK) representing industrial stakeholders, operators, government agencies, SMEs and universities across Europe. The main result of the project is the definition of a flexible, adaptable and programmable 5G architecture. These concepts and enabling factors were put into practice through the implementation of prototypes: "Smart Sea Port" for the city of Hamburg and "Touristic City" for the city of Turin. In this context, the "Touristic City" experimentation was conducted under the responsibility of TIM with the collaboration of Huawei, MOBICS, CERTH and the Carlos III University of Madrid.

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