4R: Reuse, Recycling, Renewability and Recovery.

These are the concepts behind Emmegi's Circular Building project for the Chinino Dehor, a former recovered factory in via Montevideo in Turin. "Sustainable makeover" by Emmegi was one of the six winners of the Torino Living Lab (2018). Today the project has ended with excellent results that can be admired in the new rooms of the converted structure (watch Youtube video). But let's start from the beginning.

The steps of the project:

Step 0: Participation in the call for proposals
Step 1: Pre-design
Step 2: Scouting and Harvesting
Step 3: Chinino Dehor Project
Step 4: Realisation
Step 5: Final Ratings

In the pre-design step, the Design Sprint method was used: a process organised in successive steps to find quick solutions to complex problems.
During the workshop organised between the 4 members of the Emmegi team and the 4 members of the Paradigma cooperative, the needs of the client, Casa Paradigma, were analysed and it was concluded that the Chinino Dehor had to be a flexible space accessible to everyone with a multipurpose room, a refreshment area and a bathroom.

In the scouting and harvesting phase, resources and raw materials were sought through a mapping of the neighbourhood. The mapping also allowed the construction of a network of donors, material and manual resources, collaborators and contacts.

In the step of the Chinino Dehor,'s design, all the interventions on masonry, finishes and coverings, furniture and flooring were designed with reuse and recycling materials or renewable materials. A total of 27 tons of materials were recovered and reused, of which 53% were used in the Chinino project or other sites, 37% were recycled, 8% donated and only 2% were sent to authorised landfills.

Other project numbers (social impact): 21 local companies, 12 associations, 19 team members, 115 individuals, 167 network nodes, 30 donors were involved.

Economic indicators: 2% economic change, 3 new yards activated.

Read the full report of the project.

Consult the project sheet.

For information on the services offered by Emmegi Edilizia Circolare please visit: www.emmegiservizi.com/edilizia-circolare

If you want to know what the new rooms of the converted structure are intended for, follow the dedicated Facebook page: @fabbricadelchinino