On 17 June 2020 a violent precipitation suddenly felled on Torino Sud and Moncalieri. The storm caused the overturning of bins, the saturation of the sewage system and, consequently, widespread flooding.

The precipitation was detected for the first time in real time by an innovative system, the Smart Rainfall System, which measured rainfall intensity peaks of around 90 mm/h and accurately localised the spatial distribution of the phenomenon.

The Smart Rainfall System - SRS, uses a network of low-power IoT sensors to enable an optimal response to emergencies through real-time rainfall monitoring and short-term hydrogeological hazard forecasts.

The creator and producer of this innovative system is Artys, a company that is currently carrying on the experimentation of SRS within the context of Torino City Lab.

Last week was the first concrete result of the ongoing experimentation.

The animation shows the space-time evolution of the event returned minute by minute by the SRS platform and highlights the efficiency of the system for monitoring extreme weather phenomena.

Read the complete description of the experimentation.