Positive results come to the experimentation of remote-controlled robots in Regina Margherita Children's Hospital, Sant'Anna Hospital, as well as in the CasaOz headquarters in Corso Moncalieri.

The experimentation of Double Robotics robots, connected to the TIM network, had started during the Covid-19 emergency period in the context of Torino City Love, with the aim of maintaining a "human contact" between isolated patients, doctors, operators and families.

In the summary meeting held in this period, the Sant'Anna Hospital highlighted that "the use of the robot has been particularly useful in allowing an easy and constant interview of medical and nursing staff with patients placed in isolation".

The Regina Margherita emphasised the usefulness of the tool "both for doctors in the phase of communicating the diagnosis to families and both for pediatric patients isolated in their rooms for an effective communication with their families and for the remote participation in the laboratories carried out by the UGI Association".

CasaOz, instead, expressed its satisfaction on how much "the use of the robot in mobility and in many applications has been an important element in keeping alive the perception of home".

For Torino City Lab experimentation has played a fundamental role in the Torino City Love project and has contributed to the victory of the European Living Lab contest realised by ENoLL (European Network of Living Lab).

Ongoing monitoring that will highlight critical issues and strengths and will guide future developments, also with the aim to continue the experimentation and develop a next commercial offer.