Yesterday afternoon the 21st edition of the EcoHitech Award 2020 was held, which rewards every year public bodies that, through innovative projects and technologies, have achieved significant results in terms of sustainability, energy saving, safety and improvement of services to citizens.

The winner of the international projects category was Skypersonic with its innovative project for real-time transoceanic control of drones for civil applications carried out with the Municipality of Turin, in collaboration with Torino City Lab.

The award went "to technological innovation and new application areas of air mobility, which represents a new frontier in the smart city field".

"Proud to have been awarded again this year. - said Councillor Marco Pironti for the City of Turin - Even more so for this project which demonstrates the international openness of cities. The new effort that Turin is making with this project (Torino City Lab) is to become a hub for those who want to innovate on the territory. Skypersonic has been intercepted in the period of health emergency and with them we have started a transoceanic experimentation to sanitize indoor environments through drones. The project is part of the Torino Reshoring programme, in which the city aims to be once again an interesting environment to bring back the research and innovation part of big companies, with important economic and social repercussions on the whole territory".

The city of Turin also received the award for "energy efficiency and environmental sustainability" with Edison's City Platform solution.

To learn more about the international project carried out by TCLab with Skypersonic read here.