This morning at 10.00 a.m., at the City of Aerospace, the project Torino Reshoring of the City of Turin and Turin City Lab was officially presented.

Torino Reshoring aims to bring back to our city production and services from abroad, starting from the verticals of greatest interest for the territory.

"We don't just want to bring these realities back to Turin," said Marco Pironti, the City of Turin's Councillor for Innovation, "but we want to bring them back to where their settlement will leverage the contamination effect, i.e. talk to other players in the supply chain, the extended system, who can contribute to the co-design and development of the city".

"Torino Reshoring is a project that started in March, in the middle of the first lockdown, and it is significant that today, the first day of the red zone, it is presented: we must be ready to start again when we come out of the emergency", the councillor explained again significantly. 

Chiara Appendino, Mayor of Turin, for first, has cutted the ribbon of the new offices in Turin of Skypersonic, the US special drones company that represents the first successful case of the initiative. She then gave a speech from the City Council offices. 

"The objective - said the Mayor - is to maintain what we already have, but at the same time return to being attractive for skills and professionalism that for some reasons in the past have abandoned our territory and that we now want to bring back within our supply chains, automotive and aerospace, because we must continue to focus on manufacturing activities. And in addition to traditional supply chains, we also want to open the way to supply chains such as drones, the potential of which was not initially grasped by everyone. And now it is clear that a sector like this is capable of developing. Turin must identify with these innovative supply chains, also thanks to research centres and universities, to be attractive to the outside".

Skypersonic, with its CEO, Giuseppe Santangelo, attended the press conference from Detroit, allowing a live demonstration of the operation of its special drones called Skycopters, which were used for the first time in Italy during the first lockdown to sanitise the city's closed environments. From the Ditroit control room, also this morning, the pilot flew on the circuit set up by the city of aerospace in Turin. A real-time collaboration between Italy/Turin and the United States/Detroit.

In the morning, Evgeny Klochikhin, CEO of, the second testimonial company of the project, also sent a video message where he presented his Parkofon project, an intelligent parking management platform based on IOT technology; where he described the fruitful collaboration with Torino City Lab with which he is testing the platform; and, finally, where he thanked the Torino Reshoring initiative for the opportunity to be in Italy and in Turin in particular.

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