On Tuesday November 24th the City Council approved the executive project for the construction of a green roof and an airplane greenhouse on Open 011 - House of Youth Mobility and Interculture, as part of the European project CWC City Water Circles.

The intervention - of the total cost of 57,160 euros entirely covered by the European contribution - has been designed by the Urbanisation Service of the City, and will provide the hostel in Corso Venezia 11 with an infrastructure capable of creating an advantageous circular system of rainwater recovery. The plants planted in the garden and those grown in tanks will in fact be fed by a drip irrigation system (green roof) and a mist of H2O enriched with fertilizers (aeroponic greenhouse) using only the rainwater collected from the roof.

This is one of the main objectives of the European project City Water Circles!, of which the City of Turin is a partner together with 11 cities, financed within the third call of the Territorial Cooperation Programme Central Europe.

Alessandra Aires, architect of the City of Turin, for a long time engaged in urban policies of dissemination and enhancement of green roofs, is the creator of the project and explained how green roofs will be the gardens of the future in the city: "These days those who have the garden are considered a privileged. In the future, roofs can take on the same function. They will not only be meeting places, but spaces for activities related to its maintenance and cultivation. Cultivating, exchanging advice, getting to know plants and learning from others are actions that create knowledge and strengthen the sense of community".

The step before the approval of yesterday's executive project was the design of the roof and the areoponic greenhouse last spring - in the middle of a pandemic - and their subsequent presentation at the international meeting on the European project City Water Circles!, held online (April 2020). On that occasion, Turin with the European Funds Innovation Offices, Directorate of Environment and Urbanization Service, had illustrated through its professionals the project "Green Roof of Open 011".

The European project City Water Circles! was born in Turin exactly one year earlier in April 2019 with the aim of helping the city to reform obsolete urban water infrastructure systems by applying a circular economy approach, offering many economic and environmental benefits.

Then, the identification of Open 011 Hostel as the location for the Turin pilot project, the design of the project, and yesterday, finally, its approval.

We look forward to Open 011 becoming the fifth green roof of Turin with its 170 sqm terrace that will also become a meeting point for the guests of the hostel.