Today, Monday March 28th 2022, the City of Torino presented together with CWC - City Water Circles, a European project financed within the framework of the third call of the Interreg Central Europe Territorial Cooperation Programme, a Strategic Plan and an Action Plan on the issue of sustainable water management in urban areas.

The objective of the Plan is to introduce water efficiency measures through the reuse of unconventional local water resources: rainwater and grey water (mainly wastewater used for personal hygiene) for public, domestic and industrial purposes. This is intended to relieve pressure on existing water resources and reduce the negative impact of changing weather events.

The City of Turin was thus involved in the cooperation activities with the whole European partnership of the project, coordinating, in particular, the co-design process with a stakeholder group, composed of several local actors interested in the issue of urban water circularity. This group has supported the City in the development of a strategy on sustainable water management in urban areas and in the identification of actions to be implemented in the short and medium term within the territory.

The Strategic Plan: establishes a medium-term horizon of 2030 and a long-term horizon of 2050, identifying strategies and local policies useful to promote sustainable water use at the urban level and defines the fundamental and operational objectives.
The Action Plan, consistent with the strategic objectives, identifies the priority actions to be implemented within a short time horizon, indicating the timing of implementation and any resources allocated to the implementation of interventions and identifies the subject responsible for the implementation of the action itself.

The Action Plan will be renewed every 4 years so that the mid-term goals of the Strategic Plan can be achieved by 2030.

The Strategic Plan and Action Plan on Sustainable Urban Water Management can be accessed to this link.

Today's press conference took place at Open 011, the House of Youth Mobility and Interculture where the CWC - City Water Circles project has implemented a green roof, an aeroponic greenhouse and a rainwater harvesting system used to irrigate the roof garden and the greenhouse itself through a circular system.

Attendees, along with the Councillor for Environmental Policy, Chiara Foglietta, who was present at the event, after the announcement of the strategic plan, they visited the green roof, greenhouse and water collection system to see a small example in action of sustainable water management, the pilot of the Eruopean project CWC - City Water Circles.