In recent weeks at GAM has started the experimentation of R1, a humanoid robot that works thanks to an Artificial Intelligence server and through the 5G network. 

The experimentation is part of the European project 5G-Tours that aims to test and use 5G technologies to provide useful, efficient and reliable services to citizens and tourists. 

R1 is liked by young and old with its expressive way to entertain visitors. R1 in fact winks with the eyes, moves on wheels, indicates the works of art, introduces and explains them, then waits and answers to the questions of users.

R1 was designed by the Italian Institute of Technology in collaboration with TIM and Ericsson.

But the experiments of 5G-TOURS in Turin's museums do not end here.

In May, it will be possible to take part in a virtual treasure hunt and play at being an artist through an interactive "wall" at GAM; to reconstruct the Camera delle Guardie (Chamber of the Guards) at Palazzo Madama through virtual reality, and to visit the undergrounds of Palazzo Madama with a friendly little robot called Double 3.

These are the results of three years of work in which the partners of the European project 5G-Tours, including the City of Turin and Fondazione Torino Musei, have developed technologies enabled by 5G and their applications in tourism and culture.

More information about dates and participation modes will be available on the websites of Fondazione Torino Musei and Abbonamento Musei.

For more information on R1 watch the video.