On Tuesday, June 20, the first meeting of the interdepartmental and intersectoral coordination table on food policies, requested by Councillor for Ecological Transition Chiara Foglietta, was held in Turin.

The initiative is openly inspired by the directives of the European FUSILLI project, which aims to transform urban food systems through Innovative Living Labs.

Food policies constitute an important part of the city's administration: this was reiterated at the meeting by Councillor for Ecological Transition Chiara Foglietta, Vice-Mayor, Michela Favaro, Councillor for Education, Carlotta Salerno, Councillor for Social Policies, Jacopo Rosatelli, Councillor for Urban Planning, Paolo Mazzoleni, Councillor for Sports, Domenico Carretta, and Councillor for Demographic and Statistical Services, Francesco Tresso.

All seven councillors spoke at the morning meeting in a discussion coordinated by the team from Està.

"It is essential to think about food as a system, creating relationships and links between the offices that deal with it and the initiatives already in place, with the goal of moving from individual projects to more articulated policies[...]. We will work internally at both the technical and policy levels to define specific integrated policies," Foglietta said.

The working group will focus on 4 thematic strands:

  • environmental sustainability and circular economy;
  • food security and waste;
  • urban agriculture;
  • cultural promotion.

Subsequently, the various stakeholders who have made Turin's food system more sustainable and equitable in recent years will also contribute to the definition of the guidelines.