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A further five experiments in circular and collaborative economics, financed by the City of Turin within the AxTO Project (measure 3.02), are in the starting phase. The beneficiaries, selected through a specific call for proposals, have at their disposal a non-refundable grant "to test their own solutions in the areas identified, to evaluate their potential access and sustainability on the market and to verify the positive effects generated on the territory and on citizens-users".

The RIcuciTÓ project (by HUMANA People to People Italia) aims to apply an innovative model of circular and collaborative economy that extends the life of post-consumer textile materials, no longer reusable as such. Through a virtuous collaboration between different subjects (the degree course in Design and Visual Communication of the Polytechnic of Turin, Sartoria Sociale Il Gelso, Cooperativa Sociale Occhio del Riciclone) RIcuciTÓ will lead to the creation of a new product to be marketed especially in peripheral areas of the city.

Il Marketplace del Balon
The project proposed by the Magma Agency provides for the experimental creation of an e-commerce portal for operators in the fields of antiques, the flea market, vintage and reuse of the market "Balon". The project focuses on craft activities that operate in the recovery, recycling and enhancement of goods and, therefore, for sustainable consumption of objects typically characterized by important cultural connotations and memory. The portal will encourage the sharing of knowledge and ancient experiences by promoting the development of small ancient craft shops through the increase of the visibility of the same also at the international level.

Abbasso Impatto
Abbasso impatto (edited by Verdessenza) is a project based on collaborative economy and built on the model of Solidarity Purchasing Groups (GAS). Its objective is to reduce the environmental impact of consumption in catering and hospitality businesses and to guarantee sustainable prices for supplies thanks to group purchases, with the mediation of Verdessenza. The experimentation area identified is the San Salvario district of Turin. Partners in the project are the Agency for Local Development of San Salvario and Colenghi srl.

Preparazione di un suolo sostitutivo per il recupero di aree degradate delle città
The project proposed by Horizon aims to use inert material (from excavations carried out in the city for infrastructure works, which is normally classified as waste and accumulated in landfills) after appropriate treatment. The main objective of the project is the development of a technical protocol for the constitution of a soil capable of replacing the natural one, since it is suitable to support a vegetable consortium over time. This would lead to economic and environmental benefits because in an urban environment the use of a replacement land would not compromise the environmental quality of the destination site.

CON il cibo2
The aim of the project, proposed by the Stranaidea Cooperative, is to provide a warm meal, with a balanced and adequate supply of essential nutrients, to the homeless adults staying in the Night Homes managed by the cooperative.
The project involves the collection of food surpluses (with a special Piaggio Bee van with electric motor for heat transport), the selection and treatment of foodstuffs for the preparation of pre-cooked meals, and their distribution to the guests of the CON, with the use of trainees, guests of the CON and volunteers, under the operational guidance of a manager of the cooperative. For the realization of the project Stranaidea is collaborating with the Agency San Salvario, Banco Fresco, Banco Alimentare, Progetto Arca, and numerous voluntary associations.