The 2023 class of Torino Cities of the Future Techstars Accelerator has been going on for about a month now.

The fourth edition of this legendary program dedicated to new technologies for smart cities started on February 13th and last week we participated, with Elena Deambrogio as mentor - Head of Innovation and European Projects at the Municipality of Turin, as well as Head of the CTE Next project - in the "mentor madness", where founders interact with mentors, investors, and companies to receive feedback on their businesses and initiate possible collaborations.

The 11 startups selected this year represent various verticals, including mobility, sustainability, deep tech, logistics, and ed-tech. They come from different European countries, such as Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Portugal, and the Netherlands, and will stay at OGR Torino for the next 13 weeks. This year's program also features the largest number of Italian companies ever, with eight female founders.

The partnership established in recent years between the accelerator and Torino City Lab, thanks to the partner Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and the CRT Foundation, has had very positive outcomes: almost all the startups in the class have requested PoC, real-world experiments, and further types of collaboration with Torino City Lab and the House of Emerging Technologies in Turin, CTE Next.


Here is the Class of 2023 of Torino Cities of the Future Techstars Accelerator:

Artificient (Germany) - The first AI-powered smart driving app in Europe for safer and greener mobility.

Automatika Robotics (France) - AI for human-like navigation in unstructured spaces.

Empethy (Italy) - An end-to-end platform that is changing the way people find, choose, and adopt a pet.

Heloola  (Italy) - A digital book club that revolutionizes how books are marketed, sold, and experienced.

Intuitivo (Portugal) - All-in-one digital evaluation platform for schools.

Pack (Italy) - HR-Tech platform to promote people's growth with data-driven mentoring and increase employee retention.

Preflet (Portugal) - Reducing the carbon footprint of buildings with Energy AI.

Sirius (Netherlands) - Empowering small businesses to decarbonize.

Sorair (UK) - Automating end-to-end supply chains using software management systems and robotic technology.

Tutornow(Italy) - Digital tutoring platform for students of all ages and subjects.

Wibo (Italy) - Wibo helps companies retain talents using a community-based and mobile-oriented learning platform.