Project by Quinck S.r.l. 

Quinck S.r.l. is an innovative startup with a multidisciplinary team that realizes Iot projects for Smart City and Industry 4.0 and offers consultancy for technological innovation.

The company works on a smart ticketing project that allows the purchase and automatic validation of tickets within public transport, all through the interaction between the smartphone and an electronic card mounted on the vehicle, without the need for the user to make any active gesture.

The project has the dual function of simplifying the use of resources by end-users and to provide transport undertakings with an automated and efficient data collection tool, which allows analysis of user flows, to know and meet in real time the demand for transport. 

The aim of the trial is to test the usefulness of the data collection and analysis function: a beta version of the application will be released that can work in the background for users of the public transport system. The dashboard destined to companies of transport and administrations will be predisposed in order to visualize the data real-time, aggregated and analyzed in also predictive way. If the conditions exist, it will also be possible to experience the function of travel planning integrated between public mobility and in sharing always through application in application in beta and dialogue with sharing mobility companies. 

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