Reale Navigator

Project by Kinoa Srl 

The Reale Navigator project won the ConnectedCity call from RealeHub1828, Reale Mutua's innovative hub, which proposed to design a navigation app that would improve road safety.

The idea is to create a "safe" navigator, which, thanks to the use of technology and the data-based approach of the Reale Navigator project, offers a concrete help in the field:

  • to be guided through safe routes
  • support the driver in driving safely for himself and other road users
  • encourage proper driving behaviour

In its final version the Real Navigator will be an IOS and Android app designed for the automotive industry, which will allow the user to set his profile and move around the streets in total safety, supporting him in a virtuous driving, rewarding correct behaviour and helping him in the most delicate phases of driving. In addition to time and distance (mandatory factors for each navigation system), Reale navigator adds a third parameter to routing systems: the safety.

Data will be collected from different sources (ACI, Law Enforcement and Insurance), normalised under a single format and analysed to detect the areas of greatest accident and greatest risk for the driver; to these will be added data from the users themselves. The final result will be a map that outlines the safest or less safe areas of the city, and thanks to the patented Kimap technology it will be possible to use this factor to modify the parameters suggested by the navigator to offer the safest road to travel.