Retrofit energetico

Project by ENERBRAIN


Experimental duration 18 months

The objectives of the project are to improve the quality of the air inside buildings, reduce consumption and promote sustainability.

The experimentation has verified the effectiveness of Enerbrain technology on all these fronts, but also the easy integration with existing thermal systems.

It only took a few days to install Enerbrain technology in the buildings involved in the experiment: Mole Antonelliana (Via Montebello) - Lessona Elementary School (Corso Regio Parco, n.19) - Councillorship, Educational Services Offices and VV.UU (Via Bazzi, n.4).

The system involves the installation of environmental sensors plug & play and actuators that flank, without replacing them, the existing HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems. A machine learning algorithm allows the system to continuously refine its programming to eliminate any possible waste and adjust the air conditioning in real time according to the reference parameters: outdoor and indoor temperature, humidity, CO2 and presence in the building.

An intervention with clear positive effects on the economic and environmental level but also on the quality of the air for all, users and operators.

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