SAFE is an independent Italian non-profit Foundation established at the beginning of 2018

With its own funds and participating in calls for proposals financed by the European Union and other international donors, SAFE promotes high-impact activities in the sectors of Security, Defence, Peacebuilding and Stability, Promotion of Fundamental Rights and Monitoring and Evaluation at the operational and strategic level. SAFE is made up of specialists, institutions and companies that have been working for over 25 years in the “rule of law” sector at international level for the implementation of projects in:

• Security Sector Reform (SSR);
• Defence, peace and stability;
• Freedom and fundamental rights;
• Monitoring and Evaluation.

SAFE offers public and private institutions specialized in the Security and Defence sectors the opportunity to find the most suitable funding and receive support in the implementation of projects with a high technical and innovative impact. The security of citizens is a key priority for all law enforcement agencies. Today’s context represents a great challenge for operators of the security sector, which are required to constantly update their organizational structures, technical skills and technological tools to properly address the permanently changing modus operandi of criminals.
SAFE actively supports innovation in the security sector, both through own funds as well as helping public and private actors to join forces and design/implement high‑impact EU funded projects aimed at improving organizational structures, developing new competences, sharing technological knowledge and creating new operational tools for law enforcement agencies. Since 2019, together with the City of Turin – Local Police Drone Unit, Fondazione SAFE is coordinating the dronEUnit network, a network of Law Enforcement Agencies which operates drones to guarantee the security of urban areas in the European Union and its partner countries. The creation of the Network of EU Law Enforcement Drone Units – named DronEUnit – is proposed to facilitate sharing of information, best practices and experiences in the area of urban security, involving the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. The network to date is composed of 8 countries, 7 local police forces, 7 private companies and 6 academic partners.

Security and freedom are fundamental values for our society. The challenges of the last decade have promoted the idea that greater security and stability can only be achieved through a limitation of personal freedom. SAFE aims to overturn this misleading paradigm by showing that only an improvement in the security environment allows citizens to fully enjoy their freedom. At the same time, only a free society can properly address the new security challenges, involving all social groups in a confrontation for a better and SAFE tomorrow.

SAFE Foundation is committed to taking an active role in the development of the City Lab model, through the following activities:
- Make available their skills in the field of design in favor of innovations for the safety sector
- Make the training area (former military base Monte Calvarina) available for experimentation and testing of innovative technologies
- Promote the exchange of good practices between supporters of the Turin City Hub and other national and / or international bodies active in the technological innovation of products / services for the security sector
- Offer matchmaking between needs expressed by stakeholders in the security sector and companies that can develop the related innovation ecosystem (analysis of applications or different ways of using the tested products / services, as well as complementary and synergistic approaches)
- Support in the monitoring and assessment of impacts, with particular focus on impact analysis
- To participate in technological foresight activities, also by promoting joint testing activities with partners on frontier innovation.

SAFE Foundation has been managing the spaces of the former military base Monte Calvarina (Verona) since February 2021, with the aim of creating a new center of excellence for public and private training in the security field, the only one of its kind in the national panorama. The idea stems from the desire to enhance the excellence already present in the area and to create synergies between actors who already operate in the security sector by offering different and complementary contributions. Among other things, the base will represent a new area of ​​testing and training in the security sector for public and private actors. The rapid and continuous evolution of the international context and the recent challenges in the field of individual and global security increasingly require decisive support from technological innovations applicable to the security sector to improve the prevention and protection of the community and individuals from the ever increasing risks generated by natural and / or man-made events Various research areas and applications (such as, for example, in the field of robotics, Artificial Intelligence, etc.) can be used to support first responders and emergency and CBRN operators. The testing of these applications and products represents one of the fundamental steps for the validation of new technologies and the ex-Base Calvarina offers the perfect context to test their functionality and related fields of application.

Andrea D'Angelo - President and Co-Founder
Silvia D’Adda - Senior Associate and Co-Founder
Federico Benolli - Senior Associate