ShareRoute in Turin


The goal of the experimentation of ShareRoute in Torino is to introduce an innovative way to travel within the city, using shared professional vehicles on optimized routes, with the result of reducing private cars in the street. A passenger can order (in real time or in advance) one or more seats on the shared vehicles using the ShareRoute Mobile Application (SMA) and reach any place in the city in a fast and not expensive way.

A preparation phase will be necessary for the proper mapping of the city of Torino to let ShareRoute algorithm work in a more efficient way. A street test will follow to involve citizens and local professional mobility companies. The test will be useful to refine the heuristics to discover the best path and to implement new solutions that will make the city travels efficient and comfortable. Main goals: prediction and reduction of the idle times for the passengers, reduction of the idle times for the vehicle, city traffic studies to grant optimized routes, shared social user experience.