Smart Energy Living Lab

Project by ENERBRAIN

The Smart Energy Living Lab, realized with the Energy Center of the Polytechnic of Turin, project aims to develop a digital platform for the optimized management of multiple energy communities, understood as constituent elements of a Smart District functional to the implementation of policies for a Smart City.

Within the framework of the six main axes of a Smart City, the project connects directly to the intelligent sectors of: environment and governance; with references also to Mobility, Economy and Smart Citizenship. The technology used will focus on an infrastructure of IoT devices interconnected and orchestrated by an AI algorithm developed internally by Enerbrain and based on cloud computing and machine learning techniques. At the same time, it aims to increase the level of privacy and security within the Community through the use of Blockchain communication protocols.

The solution under development has the twofold objective of: increasing the energy efficiency of buildings, and reducing the needs of users, and increasing the use of self-produced energy from renewable plants, thus reducing the energy taken from the public grid. In this way an environmental advantage is pursued at the same time thanks to the abatement (layout and accounting) greenhouse gas emissions from fossil energy production and an economic benefit from increased efficiency and resilience of the public grid (reduction of losses, increased safety margins, economic management, reduced access to reserves and costly adjustments, etc.).

Through this project Enerbrain also aims to verify the feasibility of execution of Demand Response (DR) programs within CER architectures, mainly by simulating the modulating power and the execution of DR actions according to the rules deriving from the transposition of the applicable European Directives.

The platform will also be able to integrate with other IT systems for the management of the territory in dowry to the Public Administration.