Project by Digimat SPA in collaboration with CNR-IMAA, CNR-ISPC

From Space to Tree (S23) defines the methodological trajectory of a multilevel approach, based on integrated EO technologies and 5G, proposed for the biomechanical monitoring of the vegetation in urban parks inside and close areas of historical-archaeological interest. Their protection is a pressing issue for the preservation of their cultural values and the safety of visitors and citizens.


The strategic objective of the project Space-To-Tree is to develop and validate a multilevel and modular system to support the management of historical and archaeological parks aimed to the:

1.   trend analysis for the characterization of health status of tree and vegetative cover as well as early detection of on-going changes;

2.   evaluation of the biomechanical stability of monumental trees;

3.   identification of critical situations in the interface vegetation-monument.

The operational objectives is the development of a decision support and alert (DSA) system, based on integrated Earth Observation technologies and 5G, for:

• the maintenance and safeguarding of historical parks

• the identification of risk situations and forecast of trends and scenarios.

For these purposes, the Colosseum park in Rome and the Valentino park in Turin have been selected as laboratories for experimenting the most advanced earth observation monitoring technologies, opening up to the participatory involvement of citizens through Living Labs


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