Turin Digital City

Project by Univrses AB


The proposal is that of a mobility data platform for smart cities.

This is the 3DAI City Technology consisting of smartphones installed on vehicles operating in the city that capture video data, subsequently processed by an AI system that detects the feature of interest and records its location: damage to the road surface, available parking spaces, position of traffic signals, vehicle and pedestrian flows.

The data is anonymized before transfer, ensuring GDPR compliance.

In Turin, the devices will be installed on a fleet of local police cars to collect a constant stream of relevant urban and road data. The analysis continues over a range of time that can be determined and can be done directly locally. The devices then act as an edge for sending the processed data to the cloud.

To identify the point of the road the system uses GPS as a starting point and then the position of the camera, in this way it processes the positions on a 3D map.

The processed data can be visualized through a dashboard based on GoogleMaps, but it is also possible to export the raw data.

At the dashboard level, it is also possible to have data about the severity level of the damage and keep track of the history.


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