Experimental duration 9 months

UrbanAquaFarm, an experimental project proposed by Carlo Prelli Service, aims to develop and test innovative systems for horticulture. In the framework of the "Orti Urbani Torino" system, a pilot project is proposed to create a collaborative system for the production and consumption of vegetable products based on "hydroponic" cultivation techniques, aimed at demonstrating the feasibility of shared systems at the service of the citizen and the sustainability of "BIO" cultivation in urban areas.

Specifically, the project will develop prototypes and experiment with circular horticulture practices, with the conviction that the use of primary resources and the reduction of waste are fundamental components of progress.

UrbanAquaFarm will extend into the area of the "Urban Gardens" included in the Parco dei Laghetti in the northern part of the city, inaugurated last spring in an area currently undergoing redevelopment.

During the realization of the project will be carried out specific dissemination activities, as well as other parallel and collateral initiatives, conveyed directly on the entire system of "Urban Gardens" of the city, such as training courses on the system "Hydroponics", professional training seminars, guided tours for students and groups of citizens. A fundamental role on this level of the project will be represented and played by the Committee for the development of Falchera, which together with stakeholders and local associations will be engaged in the dissemination and involvement of citizens.

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