Project by TrafficLab

The experimentation involves the testing of FLOW, a fully interactive traffic video analysis framework designed for real-time solutions. Flow is the fastest and most efficient way to transform any video stream into a useful informations. 

The objective of the experiment is to exploit as much as possible the video cameras and the data transmission infrastructure already existing in the City of Turin and managed by the Municipal Police Headquarters, equipping them with the Flow device.

The solution so configured allows to have available in real time:

  1. counts of vehicular flows classified into 8 categories;
  2. speed of each vehicle, trajectories travelled, times and distances, waiting times, service levels, queues, parking times, parking rotation;
  3. the dashboard for the City of Turin will provide statistical information, graphs, tables, heat maps of densities, trajectories and origin/destination matrices.

All the information processed will expand the database of the City's traffic model and will be used for even more accurate traffic forecasts.

Another objective of the experimentation is to allow the migration towards a shared and intelligent mobility (MaaS) always through the collection and analysis of the data.

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