How to join


Torino City Lab is an initiative that aims to develop and test new technical/technological solutions able to improve the quality of urban services and the management of territorial heritage for the benefit of the citizens of today and tomorrow, from Turin and beyond.

Torino City Lab therefore wants to be a learning experience for everyone: Public Administrations, Enterprises, Research World and Civil Society.
The involvement of citizens, students, local associations, tourists but also of local traders and private enterprises in general is essential to enable the co-design of solutions to meet their needs and to give businesses a real measure of the challenges of urban living.
Experience "Torino City Lab" can help you understand new technological trends, get closer to the world of work, learn new skills, create new communities of interest and new relationships with your City.


The presence of scientific partners and the world of research ensures the involvement of citizens in a way that is consolidated and able to bring "value" for all.

All activities will be carried out in accordance with applicable regulations and in particular the rules on the "treatment of personal data" under the EU Reg 679/2016 (General Data Protection Regulation).
Collaboration opportunities can range from filling out questionnaires to being directly engaged as testers of a particular technology or business model, up to co- designing new solutions. To learn more and to communicate your interest in getting involved - in the ways you think are most appropriate - please contact us at, Object of the e-mail : “TCL – Involvement Interest”. Instead, you will find on this page and in other sections ( News, Projects) specific requests for involvement in trials/projects that need direct relationship with users.

Currently there is an opportunity – open until end September 2019 - to participate in the "Nature in the City" questionnaire within the Ec- co-funded project “ProGiReg” ( ) open for residents in the districts Barriera di Milano and Mirafiori Sud aged 18 and 64.
In this case, to be interviewed or to get more information: T 01101125829 (LUN-VEN 9:00 – 13:00) -