Edilizia Circolare

Project by EMMEGI


Experimental duration 9 months

Edilizia Circolare was created with the aim of applying the concept of reuse and recycling in the construction industry.
The aim is to give life to a new way of approaching construction, following criteria of sustainability, originality and quality, promoting the conversion of material, intellectual and manual resources towards alternative architecture and design projects.

The first step is the establishment of a team of re-use professionals, composed of architects, designers, companies and craftsmen. This will be followed by the identification and collection of potentially reusable materials that will be donated by citizens, companies and local artisans, to be then transformed and come back to life in new furniture and finishes. Throughout the course will be organized workshops and focus groups for professionals and for fans and lovers of do-it-yourself.

The final product of the experimentation will be the restyling of a room located in Via Montevideo 41, entrusted in concession by the City of Turin to the Cooperative Social Paradigma, which will host a cafeteria for members and new laboratories.

Many partners will collaborate in the project: Mario Grosso and Roberto Giordano, both professors of the Department of Architecture and Design of the Politecnico di Torino; Arch. Davide Oddenino and Arch. Valeria Maruccia, oriented towards environmental sustainability and alternative design methods; Spadaro Giuseppe, a building craftsman with an innate sense of creativity; Sofia Casaioli, a graduate in Architecture for the Sustainable Project at the Polytechnic of Turin who will follow the entire project through her work of masterful thesis; Luigi D'Onofrio, a creative craftsman;Off Grid Italia, a cultural association that develops projects of architecture, design and art for reuse; Sublimart, an online platform on upcycling and sharing materials.

The involvement of the Lingotto and Mirafiori Sud districts is fundamental, thanks to the support ofParadigma Cooperativa socialeAssociazione TablòCasa nel Parco andAssociazione Bene Comune, in involving craftsmen, businesses and local inhabitants with the aim of implementing sociality through training and exchange, as well as a sense of responsibility, a culture of conversion and solidarity towards neighbourhood projects.

Look at the video presentation about the project