SMAT is a company whose share is entirely public: manages the Integrated Water Service (production and distribution of drinking water, wastewater collection, treatment, reuse and/or restitution to the Environment) for the City of Turin and 288 municipalities of the Metropolitan area in favor of over 2.2 million inhabitants. 

 SMAT boasts one of the most modern and advanced systems of management, production and distribution of drinking water, as well as collection and treatment of wastewater for both civilian and industrial uses.
SMAT, is also active in a non-core logic and operates, directly or through subsidiaries, in the fields of engineering, training, laboratory activity and services consultancy (technical, administrative, managerial, etc.) in Italy or abroad.

SMAT is a leader company at national and european level  and manages the Integrated Water Service within the territory of theTurin Metropolitan Area (ATO3)

In order to promote the diffusion of the technological innovation and reinforce the support activities dedicated to the experimentation of specific technologies, SMAT, based on the requests that will be forwarded, will evaluate the possibility to test specific technologies solutions on its own networks and plants.

Through a network of 12,428 km, SMAT guarantees the distribution of an annual production of over 180 million /mc of drinking water produced by 90 water drinking plants. SMAT drinking water plant is the first Italian chemical-biological plant which used surface water.
9,439 km of sewerage ensure the collection of wastewater which is conveyed to the 412 treatment plants managed by SMAT, including Castiglione Torinese plant, the largest Recovery Center in Italy and one of the largest in Europe.

Armando Quazzo - Business Development & Marketing Manager
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