Project by DMA S.R.L.

The project aims to develop an innovative diagnostic system for railway and tramway infrastructures and track equipment (switches, turnouts), through an innovative 4-wheel portable trolley specially equipped with cameras, laser sensors, geolocation sensors (with the possibility of integrating rotating laser scanners for the data collection of the gauge and 3D reconstruction of the entire track site).
This trolley will automatically detect track defects in real time, thus allowing the operator to effectively draw up intervention plans, reducing both cases of derailment and downtime for maintenance activities and ensuring greater safety for operators, who do not have to stay long in the sections to be analyzed.
The project helps to fill an increasingly pressing demand for compliance with European regulations and to ensure an adequate service, correctly balanced between maintenance and preventive activities by means of so-called condition monitoring.
For the experimentation, GTT will make available stretches of railways and low-distance trams (to limit the impact on the urban road system), so as to test the solutions adopted on suitable infrastructures and in real context conditions.

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